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CoeSFMs: Coenzymes Binding Structural & Functional Motifs - v. β November 2015.
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Project realized by:Brahimi Mohamed (in his project of MSc of Biology, 2014-2015)

Proposed & supervised by: Dr. Abdelkrim Rachedi, e-mail: rachedi@bioinformaticstools.org

Coenzymes Binding Structural & Functional Motifs
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UQ   UQ2   NAD   COA   CAO   COD   882   NDP   NAP   ATP   FAD   FDA   CNC   B12   TPP   HTL   TMV   PXP   PLP   HEM   
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1DLV   1DQ8   1QAX   1R31   1T3Z   1YQZ   2Q1L   2VJK   3RBA   1YQ4   1ZOY   3CWB   3H1H   3L73   1OQC   2F5V   2F6C   2I0Z   3MBG   3R7C   3TK0   3U2M   3U5S   4LDK   1AHH   1EMD   1FK8   1SUW   1TOX   1XHL   1Z0U   1Z0Z   1ZBQ   2GDZ   2ZIT   3B78   3B82   3I9K   3UQ8   3ZWM   1B14   1N5D   1XKQ   4PVD   1IPE   1PGO   1FRB   1MAR   4ZQB   4G62   4BRH   3AHD   3M34   3M6L   3M7I   3EKI   2XIJ   2XIQ   3HWX   3LGX   3QXC   4CO3   4CO4   4TSF   1N2Z   4TT3   4Z1M   1NTZ   1YQ3   1N4A   3O0O   1HO4   3O6D   1NRG   1JNW   3HY8   1G76   3GAH   5A65   2AQ6   4D79   4QNR   4GI2   4EU9   4IV6   4HNH   4K6F   4Z0P   4WDT   4XYE   1RCQ   1VP4   4ATQ   1RFU   4RAS   4WH3   3WV8   4XW5   2VIG   2WBI   3NF4   3MPI   3OWA   4HR3   3DFR   8DFR