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MtlSFMs: Metals Binding Structural & Functional Motifs - v. β November 2015.
© University Dr Tahar Moulay, Saida.

Project realized by:Deghem Mohamed Amine (in his project of MSc of Biology, 2014-2015)

Proposed & supervised by: Dr. Abdelkrim Rachedi, e-mail: rachedi@bioinformaticstools.org

Metals Binding Structural & Functional Motifs
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1EXR   1W6S   2BAX   2BCH   2IAX   2O5G   2ZFD   3RM1   3U8I   4PE0   4X9Y   1MFM   1OE1   1SF5   2BWI   2C9V   2IDT   2XMJ   3WA2   4EIR   4FOU   4P5R   1BK0   2BJS   2BMO   2BU9   3WVD   2JB4   2RDQ   4XQ1   3QZB   1NNF   1KJQ   1Q6Z   2AWN   2BKU   2FN3   3DHD   4AV3   4DFF   4DLS   1E9G   1K4O   1LQP   2JFT   2V8U   3P4H   4GRN   4HWW   1SFH   2AU7   2GG2   2GGC   4GG1   4GM0   4GP9   1HYO   1P1M   2HZY   2OS0   3AYX   3HT1   3ZE6   3ZE9   4I71   4UQP   4URH   1C7K   1QTW   2NNO   2NNS   2WYT   4A7V   4XB6   3CVD   1AOL   3VBD   1G3D   4AX3   2BOY   2QDY   2QFP   1O9I   5AK7   2FWF   4ZAV   3C9U   1EK0   2UU8   2BFD   2HDU   1M40   2ASC   1IJV   2Q5B   3SIL   1P36   1NKI   4B7V   1YRC